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Aerospace Systems,Air Transport and Airports

The Department of Aerospace Systems, Air Transport and Airports encompass teaching and research resources of the UPM regarding different disciplines related to the following lines:

  • Specialised land infrastructures required to support aerospace operations, particularly airports.
  • The information support system, land-based and on board, which enables safety, economy and efficiency in the movement and interaction of aerospace vehicles.
  • The management and operation of the air transport system as a whole, from a business and organisational point of view.
  • The regulatory and legal framework, which defines the set of elements and services.

For that purpose, it integrates both Teaching and Research Staff (PDI as per its acronym in Spanish) and Administration and Service Staff (PAS as per its acronym in Spanish) resources, which are grouped into the following Knowledge Areas:

  • Air Transport and Airlines.
  • Air Navigation and Air Traffic Systems. 
  • Airports and Construction.
  • Electricity, Electronics and Control.

Although each area has their own resources allocated, there is a fluid and close communication when using them. There are teaching staff, administration and service staff, as well as laboratories where more than one of the previous areas is dealt with.

Management Team

Head of Department

Fernando Gómez Comendador

Deputy Head of Department

José Félix Alonso Alarcón

Academic Secretary

Mariano Asensio Vicente





Administrative Secretary

María Dolores García Gómez

Location and Contact

Department of Aerospace Systems,Air Transport and Airports
Building-Office A-202
ETSI Aeronáutica y del Espacio
Plaza del Cardenal Cisneros, 3
28040 Madrid

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