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Applied Physics to the Aerospace and Naval Engineering

The Department of Applied Physics to Aerospace and Naval Engineering (FAIAN) carries out its teaching and research activities in two Centres: Escuela Técnicas Superior de Ingeniería Aeronáutica y del Espacio and Escuela Técnicas Superior de Ingenieros Navales.

Their teaching activities are delivered within the Degree and Master programmes of these centres and they include subjects related to the areas of knowledge of Applied Physics, Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering: Elementary Physics, Mechanics, Orbital Mechanics and Plasma Physics with particular emphasis on their aerospace applications.

The Department has three research groups acknowledged by the UPM: Inertial Confinement Fusion and Plasma Physics, Space Dynamics (SDG-UPM) and CEHINAV (Hydrodynamic Testing Basin of the Escuela Técnicas Superior de Ingenieros Navales).

The Department's research lines are:

  • Deterministic chaos, complex systems, intermittency and stochastic systems.
  • Cosmology: Large scale structure of the Universe.
  • Molecular dynamics for nanosystems.
  • Dynamics and electrodynamics of space tethers.
  • Theoretical study of high efficiency photovoltaic materials.
  • Quantum and Statistical Physics: Scale Transformations.
  • Non-linear physics.
  • Educational innovation.
  • Low power plasma jet engines for space propulsion.
  • Computational methods to solve plasma kinetic equations

Management Team

Head of Department

Jesús Peláez Álvarez

Deputy Heads of Department

José Javier Honrubia Checa

Jesús María Gómez Goñi

Academic Secretary

Santiago Ramírez de la Piscina Millán






Administrative Secretary

Mª del Carmen Velasco Gómez

Location and Contact

Department of Applied Physics to the Aerospace and Naval Engineering
Building-Office number A-173
ETSI Aeronáutica y del Espacio
Plaza del Cardenal Cisneros, 3
28040 Madrid