The International Association of Aviation and Aerospace Education                            

ALICANTO, the International Association of Aviation and Aerospace Education, represents, promotes and supports the interests of its members and is a global advocate for aviation education.  ALICANTO’s objectives are:

•    To represent and establish cooperation with various stakeholders, as well as with governments and international organizations.
•    To maximize cooperation and mutual assistance among higher educational institutions.
•    To assist our members in the development of strategies and actions for attracting and educating the next generation of aviation professionals in a sustainable global society.
•    To enhance educational efforts through public awareness of the economic and social importance of civil aviation.
•    To create a forum where academics, students, regulators and worldwide industry can meet, exchange ideas, and conduct research surrounding issues and advances in the field of aviation education.
•    To promote gender equality in aviation and support sustainable development in the field.

ALICANTO fills an important gap in this global aviation cooperation framework. Aviation is a global, complex industry involving numerous and diverse stakeholders. Recognizing the need to support future growth and continued stability in aviation, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) established the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) initiative, to attract and nurture qualified younger aviation professionals that are required to operate, manage and maintain the future international air transport system. Part of the NGAP focus has been to determine ways that industry, academia and government can work together to find more innovative ways to establish career pathway programs and address the growing need for qualified aviation professionals.